First for the Southern Hemisphere – 3D image capable operating theatre

Ella Thiele

Ashburner Francis has been heavily involved in the engineering of the mechanical and electrical elements needed for the Southern Hemisphere’s first 3D imaging operating theatre.

In just a few short months, surgeons will be using a state-of-the-art 3D image capable operating theatre at St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital to undertake precision keyhole surgery. During these operations the surgeons will be able to use 3D glasses to watch and monitor all images taking during the surgery.

The theatre has fully integrated glass that incorporates the latest technology to assist in the surgeries. This glass also makes it easier for the hospital to manage infection control.

The theatre is also set to improve education at St Andrew’s Hospital, which is used as a teaching hospital for the University of Queensland.

A 2 minute video can be seen here (Don’t look too hard at the screens in the background if you are prone to OR squeamishness!).

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