The hydraulics team at Ashburner Francis strive to provide water, energy and cost-efficient plumbing and fire design solutions for each project. Hydraulic services interface with all project design disciplines, and we understand the importance of keeping a clear line of communication throughout the design process. Good hydraulic designs result in cost savings for both construction and the project life cycle.

Our hydraulic team engineer design and document all hydraulic systems including:

  • Sanitary drainage and plumbing systems
  • Trade waste drainage and pre-treatment systems
  • Vacuum drainage systems
  • Rainwater harvesting and re-use systems
  • Stormwater, rainwater and siphonic drainage systems
  • Potable water systems including pumps and storage systems
  • Hot water and warm water generation and circulation systems
  • Water filtration, treatment and backflow devices
  • Gas services including natural and LP Gas
  • Wet Fire Services including hydrants, hose reels and sprinklers
  • Audit inspections and reports
  • As constructed drafting services