ECR is a unique service we offer to help reduce your energy usage and costs with minimal or no up-front expense 

Our ECR process is a bespoke service, tailored to your specific needs.  A typical scenario would be: 

  1. Your energy costs are too high
  2. We meet with you to understand the problem
  3. We provide an energy and cost saving solution that’s specific to your needs
  4. We design, supply, install and fully project manage everything
  5. You use one of our funding options and easy payment methods
  6. Ongoing monitoring means maximum savings for years to come

The solutions we provide may include:

  • On site energy generation — solar, hydrogen, geothermal, hybrid
  • Battery storage
  • Energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Power factor correction

Funding options are available to reduce or eliminate initial expenses.  These include:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (solar & battery storage only)
  • Energy Services Contract
  • Energy Performance Contract

Embedded Energy Systems — Compliance, Commissioning and Reporting

“Embedded” energy generation systems (including solar, geothermal, diesel and natural gas) that generate power on site and also connect to the electricity grid are required to comply with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules.

In Queensland, testing, commissioning and compliance reporting must be carried out by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) before connection to the grid will be allowed.

We can provide a fully qualified RPEQ to ensure these requirements are met.